As a young girl growing up in Canton, China, Leeann’s parents inspired her interest in cooking. Her father, a grocer, introduced her to a wide array of vegetables, proteins, sauces and spices; while at mealtime, her mother demonstrated the subtle Chinese art of creating delicious and attractive dishes balancing food textures, color and flavor.

Leeann immigrated to Minneapolis in 1956 with her family. While raising five children, Leeann ran a small sewing business out of her home. She would often prepare traditional Chinese dishes for her customers as a gesture of appreciation. Once they discovered Leeann’s hidden culinary talent and gift for entertaining, these customers encouraged her to teach them her recipes and cater local events and dinner parties.

Guided by her understanding of local tastes, and a desire to share her recipes with others, Leeann opened her first restaurant in Minneapolis in 1980. People instantly embraced Leeann’s innovative concept and her signature Chinese cuisine.

Today, Leeann’s concept has grown to 50-plus locations and continues to passionately serve the highest quality product that the brand was built upon over 35 years ago. We truly appreciate the long-standing support of the local community over the years and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

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